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I am a certified UKRSA professional stringer (i.e. I've done the courses and proved I know what I'm doing!)


I've been stringing rackets for more than 12 years  . . . that's a lot of rackets of all shapes and sizes.

Contact us to arrange a restring.

How to get your racket restrung

So you've broken a string and need your racket done asap. Here is some general information.


That applies to tension as well . . . if you're not sure whether to have a high tension or a low tension, I can advise you.

If you bring the racket to me and collect it yourself, the prices below include restringing - what you see is what you pay. Some people seem to think that is just the cost of the string and still have to pay extra for the restringing . . . no - that's the total price.


Here is a rough idea of what it will cost you.

Tennis - £15 to £20

Squash - £15 to £18

Badminton - £15

Racketball - £15 to £16

If you already have a set of string that you want me to use, the cost is £10.

Get a grip . . . 

It often surprises me how seldom people change grips. A new grip makes a massive difference . . . and they cost next to nothing. I can re-grip your racket for you. Replacement grips vary in price . . . but they are not expensive (£3), and an overgrip is just £1.50.


Drop your racket off

This is what most people do. Drop your racket (or rackets) off during the day and collect it at your convenience once it's done. 


While-you-wait restringing

I can do a restring while you wait sometimes (depending on workload). There is a small extra charge (£5) for this (I have to stop what I'm doing and you get pushed up the list ... bit like going private). How long does it take? Some rackets take longer than others (badminton, for example, often need grommets replacing and can take about 45 mins). There's Church Walk nearby, with a bay of shops including Costa & Morrisons. If you want a while-you-wait restring, you need to contact me and arrange a time (07842 731559).


Sending your racket to me

Many people send me rackets for restringing. Obviously this bumps up the cost, but I am pretty good at it and some people think it's worth it! If you choose this option, simply put the racket in the post and let us know what tension you would like. When it's done I'll send you my bank details, you do a bank transfer and I send it back to you. The return postage via Parcelforce is £8.


Got your own string? If you already have a set of string that you want me to use, the cost is £10.


Need a new racket?

We are part of Babolat. We have a wide range of tennis, squash, badminton and racketball rackets. We can advise you on a suitable racket depending on your style of play. We also offer discounts to members of our club.


Badminton coaching / sessions

In addition to racket stringing I am a qualified Badminton coach and coach individuals/groups (all levels of ability) in the Tandridge area. Look at our Badminton page for sessions we run.


Contact me if you are interested in 1 to 1 or group coaching.

Where are we based?

We are based in Caterham. CR3 6SL. Contact us to arrange a restring or for more details on sending your racket to us via post.

My children all love it…

My children have all loved Supreme Sport. The staff are positive and fun, the team and manager are great because they are so helpful and flexible. Such a great service for the adults and fun and active times for the kids.

Melodie Blake – Jay, Age 6

Amazing teacher!!

My two children really enjoy going to badminton. They host optional friendly competitions!! Great value for money too!!

Roza Bernard

My son loves playing every week…

The boys really look forward to their coaching sessions each week and your patience with them is a credit to all the team at Supreme Sport, especially with Jason who does struggle with his attention span.

The sessions are always well structured and well organised.


Susan Tompkins

Amazing classes…

Great class with a great coach. My daughter has gained confidence and experience and enjoys her class every week.


Shell Belcher

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